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About Us

As a leader in research and development, Rttas offers many manufacturing capabilities, that maximize the most current trends, while maintaining the upmost environmentally conscience methods and processes. Being that our facility is designed with energy producing products, our production has a net zero carbo footprint.


With a heavy focus on AI, Data analytics and supply chain management techniques, Rttas delivers the optimal customer experience. With no port delays or misrepresented products, we offer our customers the superb quality, financial benefit and fast turnaround.


Our 100% made in the USA promise, extends beyond assembly. Rttas manufactures all our products in-house. This gives our clients the opportunity to expand their buyer pool, to medical and government contracts. Tariffs and other international trade obstacles, play no role in our cost of production.


By Rttas investing in cutting edge, state of the art CNC manufacturing equipment, we eliminate the need for our clients to deal with the hardships of manufacturing. Rttas delivers the cost savings to our customers. With minimal human interaction, we deliver more precise, efficient and quality products, of which, our customers reap the cost benefits.

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